Wow, there's a lot happening.

Don’t care for narrative? Check my omake.

Hello, I’m Zinzy Waleson Geene (she/they) and this is my personal website; a quiet street on the Internet where I come to link and think. It’s a home for soft stances, lived experiences, and critical notes on the things I hold dear. On this website as well as in life, I aim to bring my whole self: the self that works, plays, questions, doodles, fears, cooks, prays, gets angry, changes her mind.

During office hours, I work as a senior researcher and designer at Gerimedica, a provider of healthcare software. I love the enterprise SaaS space because of its intricate business rules, serious problems, and domain experts.

As you can see, I like to laugh a lot.

It’s not fake, either. I’m just pleased to be where I am. I’m of São Toméan and Dutch descent and live in Amsterdam, though I grew up in the vastly different-looking and different-feeling Dutch South, where it felt like I was on the sideline of life. Every day, Amsterdam reminds me how important it is to recognize myself in the people around me.

Together with Anja and Lemonade I share a small shoebox on the East side of the city. We are childless child-free and vibing hard.

As a person of color who is queer, progressively Christian, and neurodivergent, I recognize that I need to make serious efforts to find communities of kinfolk. I’m an amateur facilitator building spaces for queer people (of color) at Queer Salon and QPOC Reading Club. At work, I started the Neurodiversity Club. In addition, I’m helping to build a truly inclusive, anti-racist, and affirming fellowship at All Saints Amsterdam.

I usually keep my musical endeavors private, although I did end up as a question in the office pub quiz last year

I’m an amateur musician and enjoy writing and singing music. We share our home with three guitars, a piano, and a few other sound makers. In various forms and frequencies, I’ve been keeping a diary since I was a little girl. In a way, this website is very much a part of that. I’m an advocate for the IndieWeb, which is a snooty way of saying I think the Internet should be scattered, playful, experimental, personal, and cozy.

Here I am with Robin (left) and Michar (right) at an Airtrade office part in 2019.

My Xhosa name was inspired by Nelson Mandela’s daughter Zindziswa.

I’ve been sober since May 2018.