Zinzy Nev Geene is a design manager, linguist, and queer facilitator in Amsterdam.

Heya, thank you for visiting my personal website! This space contains soft stances, lived experiences, and critical notes on the things I hold dear.

These portraits were taken by the most exquisite person on the planet, @anjawaleson.

Design manager

I create tools that people use to solve problems at work

There's a tension between "it's all about the user" and the realities of an agile development life cycle, and that's precisely the reason I have built a career around digital products.

I love answering questions and questioning answers, and bringing the right people together to make magic. Since 2020, I've been practicing this at Leeruniek, a startup in education technology.

Before that, I ran Studio Zinzy, a design and development boutique for eight years, followed by five years of design leadership at Airtrade, a market leader in travel technology.

Those who work with me will tell you I have a no-nonsense and very practical approach to design, constantly looking for the middle ground between interaction, technology, and business



I'm a catalyst in businesses on a journey towards better design thinking



I encourage teams to improve user work lives as they navigate politics and strategy


I turn big beasts into snackable chunks so that designers and developers can get creative



I amplify the value of design by putting the right people, workflows, and outputs in place

Queer facilitator

I build resonant spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community

As a side hustle, I've been cultivating my skills as a facilitator, focused mainly on the various ways in which the queer community can benefit from "quiet" queer spaces.

Since 2018, I've been hosting Queer Salon, an intimate gathering of LGBTQIA+ individuals in Amsterdam, every last Sunday of the month. I'm also on the leadership team of Vine & Fig, an international community for queer Catholics.


I'm a licensed amateur linguist and person of letters

In 2014 I graduated from Utrecht University, where I focused on linguistics and literature. While I've never pursued the academic or professional track I had envisioned for myself, I do very much enjoy reading about the ways in which linguistics and literary studies interpret and shape the world.