Hello, I’m Zinzy Waleson Geene and this is my personal website; a home for soft stances, lived experiences, and critical notes on the things I hold dear.

I believe firmly in the values of showing up fully, all intricacies and nuances included. This is not a professional design portfolio, nor is it a space that details just my personal life. There’s no highlight reel, no likes, no follow button (although you can subscribe to my RSS feed).

If you meet me in person, you’ll see I like to laugh a lot. It’s not fake, either. I’m just pleased to be where I am today. Ever since I was a child, I expected my mid-thirties to bring peace, clarity, and a reduction in fucks given. I was right. I’m looking forward to my mid-fifties.

I’m of São Toméan and Dutch descent and come from a long line of loud, burgundian band geeks. I grew up in the narrow tail-end of the country, bike rides away from both Belgium and Germany. Being neurodivergent, queer, and a person of color meant I only began to feel a sense of belonging when I moved to Amsterdam. Its ability to help me recognize myself in the people around me will never seize to be a requirement for my living arrangements.

While I had great plans for myself academically, I have yet to decide how I’ll spend my Master’s degree becoming what I want to be when I grow up. I studied Modern Lit and Linguistics at Utrecht University, and embarked on the VU University track to become a pastor. Meanwhile, I had started a design practice in 2007 that, by now, is an enjoyable career in Information Technology. Academia has taught me most of what I know about reading and writing. It also taught me that everything is a text.

Music has always played an important role in my life. Like all my cousins and friends, I was enrolled in music classes from a very young age. Starting on the recorder, I eventually devoted myself to the trumpet, the oboe, and most other wind instruments found in your average local orchestra. In elementary school, I taught myself to play the guitar, which gave me access to a string of… string instruments. These days, you can often find me at the piano.

In various forms and frequencies, I’ve been keeping a diary since I was a little kid. In a way, this website is very much a part of that. I’m an advocate for the IndieWeb, which is a snooty way of saying I think the Internet should be scattered, playful, experimental, personal, and cozy.

My Xhosa name was inspired by Nelson Mandela’s daughter Zindziswa. If I had been a boy, you would’ve had to call me Stevie Wonder Waleson Geene.

I’ve been sober since May 2018.

Thank you for reading! Remember when the Internet was full of whimsy, creativity, and serendipity? I'm curious to hear your thoughts, so feel free to say hello.