This is a personal website, designed, built, and maintained by me, Zinzy Waleson Geene.

About this space

  • This website is casual, unpretentious, and unassuming.
  • On here, you’ll find soft stances, lived experiences, and critical notes on the things I hold dear.
  • It’s organized as a collection of loosely linked, unfinished thoughts.
  • I use this website to participate in the IndieWeb, a great community of people who enjoy tinkering on personal websites, as well as independence while they do so.

Technical details

  • This website is built in Jekyll, a flat-file content management system I’ve been using for years. I like my familiarity with the platform, as well as the light-weight nature of flat-file systems.
  • I’ve taken Maxime Vaillancourt digital garden template for Jekyll as my starting point. I continue to change it on an almost daily basis.
  • The font you’re looking at is whatever is native to your operating system.
  • There are a few things I use to keep things running smoothly.

Philosophical considerations

  • I believe in the idea of a singular personal website, containing details on personal and professional matters.
  • I believe in thinking in public, and having it be an act of Anti-marketing. I work to make this a comfortable space where I feel no pressure to be smart, funny, insightful or anything else that I am not on a permanent basis.

To do on this website

  • Proper case handling of note titles
  • Optional POSSE to Mastodon
  • Frontmatter Boolean for Implied Reader, TBC and others
  • Tooltips for external/internal links
  • Automatically add tag and category pages


  • 2022-11-19:
    • Added Indieweb post types article, note, and reply
    • Added outgoing webmentions
  • 2022-11-20: added cross-post type support for bidirectional links (thanks to this)
  • 2022-11-21:
    • Added git submodule for Obsidian content
    • Added Netlify hook to check content submodule for updates on build
  • 2022-11-26:
    • Initiated singular Obsidian vault that automatically pushes relevant content to Netlify