I'm a designer with 15 years of experience shipping products and leading design as well as product teams. I am specialized in making tools for people at work. My work is focused on organizing skill sets and relationships to demonstrate how caring for users is good for business.

At present, I serve as Design & Product Manager of Leeruniek, a scale-up in education technology. Previously, I spent five years in travel technology at Airtrade, where I led research and design on enterprise and consumer platforms. Before that, I ran Studio Zinzy for eight years, offering design and development across academia, journalism, health care, and other industries.

Unprofessionally, I create resonant queer spaces. I'm on the leadership team of Vine & Fig, an international organization for LGBTQIA+ Catholics. Every last Sunday of the month when Covid doesn't restrict intimate gatherings, I host Queer Salon in Amsterdam. I take pleasure in cultivating environments that are intersectional, curious, and kind.

You may find me on the Amsterdam East side tending to the home and garden I share with Anja. I enjoy making music, learning the love language of cooking, and exploring the worlds of theology, sociolinguistics, and psychology. I'm a fan of Barbra Streisand, monster movies, and vigorous note taking.

Life is truly good.

My work


Rooting for teachers

I build tools that help people solve problems at work. At Leeruniek, we cultivate collaborative skills in learning analytics in Dutch primary schools so that pupils can thrive.


Strategy and management

My team works to gain a deep understanding of users, and aligns with business and technology to define challenges. I turn big dreams into snackable chunks, and mentor along the way.


DesignOps and facilitation

I give designers and researchers methods and tools to collaborate well across the company, so that they can focus on what they do best: make an impact.

My volunteering


Cultivating communities

I bring people together on the Internet and in Amsterdam to create intersectional communities that help people connect, recharge, and learn from one another.


Facilitating gatherings

I host Reading Clubs, prayer sessions, panel discussions, holiday marathons, and conversations that thrive on lived experiences, vulnerability, and generous assumptions.


Writing and speaking

I write Scripture reflections, poetry, and essays, produce podcasts series, and speak about what it means to be a queer Afropean Catholic embracing the uncomfortable.


At the time of writing, I am not available for design or research efforts. I do, however, have limited availability to take on projects that require design, research or product consulting. Shoot me an email to tell me about your project.

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