I'm Zinzy, a designer with 13 years of skin in the game. I'm specialized in building tools that help people solve problems at work. At the moment I lead product and design at edtech startup Leeruniek. Literally couldn't wish for better colleagues.

Outside of work I build resonant queer spaces. I'm on the leadership team of Vine & Fig, an international organization for queer Catholics. Every last Sunday of the month I host Queer Salon in Amsterdam.

You may find me on the Amsterdam East side tending to the home and garden I share with Anja. I enjoy writing and making music, learning the love language of cooking, and discovering new wonders in the world of theology, sociolinguistics, and intersectionality. Above all, I'm a fan of Barbra Streisand, garbage television, and mediocre cinema.


I maintain a list of things I'm focused on right now. If there's any topic that interests you, feel free to reach out and tell me about it.

  • Starting Reading Club back up at Vine & Fig
  • Reading House of Leaves yet again
  • Enjoying the weather changing
  • Adjusting to no longer working from home
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