I'm neurodivergent

Like many other people in the world, I fall under the neurodivergent umbrella. I know there are various ways of looking at what falls under it and what doesn’t, and that, too, goes for the label with which I come. I don’t enjoy using the label itself, so instead I’ll share something about what it means for my life:

  • I like a puzzle: I’m blessed with complex curiosity, an appetite for learning, a deep love of problem solving, and an everlasting supply of questions
  • I’m a skip-thinker, an analogical thinker, and a meta-thinker, which makes the previous point even more fun. Things make more sense for me top-down and with a good visual
  • I can learn fast, in general, but with extra ease in a number of areas such as music, language acquisition, and logic. I’ve taught myself to play a dozen instruments and take great delight in the act of making music, and teaching myself new techniques.
  • I live with intensity, which affects the speed at which I do things, which in turns impacts how I navigate relationships, how I handle tasks, and how I connect with the world around me. “You talk too fast”, “the world is too slow” is a monotonous exchange in which I engage at least twice a week.
  • I’m intrinsically motivated, which is great when I want to get something done, but not great when I don’t.

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