Inspired by the good Derek Sivers, this page contains “what you’d tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a year”.

Designing things for people at work

After thirteen years of making money as a designer, I guess it’s time to start calling it a career.

I’ve worked on many kinds of projects, from freelance creatives to major airlines, and from local businesses to literary magazines. What all of that experience boils down to, I’ve come to learn these past few years, is that I get most excited about digital products that people use to solve problems at work.

After five years in travel technology, I joined Leeruniek in 2020 as their design strategist. So far, I’m loving every minute of it.

Swimming, swimming, swimming

In another episode of looky here, I have privilege, my 1-minute commute time from the kitchen to my work space leaves room for morning swims! For now, I get to swim in a wonderful outdoor pool, but I’m already on the look-out for a great indoor pool once the weather turns. (Also, secretly hoping this outdoor pool will be open in the off-season.)

Living the dream in Amsterdam

If the last time you spoke with me was longer than six years ago, you may remember how much I hated Amsterdam and anyone who called it home. Ah, the lies that jealous people tell themselves…

I haven’t fully unpacked why, but I always felt like I was never allowed to be a part of the beauty that Amsterdam brings. Luckily, these days I do.

Like most other people who move here, I cannot imagine ever living anywhere else.

I share a home with Anja, and I think we both really lucked out with this property now that the housing market is exploding. I feel content thinking I will spend the rest of my days in this city, heck, even this house.

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