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These are small pieces of text and other media, writing in a hurry, left fleeting in my collection of notes.

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What a thoughtful way of writing about racism in the open, Adrianna. You inspire me to be more honest and concrete on the subject on my own website.

Good Sunday morning! What are you up to? Me? Oh, I’m on Web Archive browsing the blogs I loved in the early 00s.

I love it when I’m in the store and a kid is trying to sell their parent on the idea of buying them some tchotchke. “Ah, wow, it’s moisturizing! Interesting, wouldn’t you say?”

If the world really were my oyster, coffee would be all foam. Thick, fluffy, not-too-dry foam.

The way inmates smile in pictures taken for the purpose of finding a penpal always makes me sad.

I usually take a while to overcome the cringe I feel about my past selves, but why wait when I can laugh joyfully right now at Anja and myself less than a month ago, passing the Swedish city of Gรถteborg and thinking the printing press was invented there?

Our private backyard in the Swedish AirBnB. Again, an overcast sky makes for proper coloring, although I think I could’ve improved the aperture here.

Anja in front of one of the barns of our Swedish AirBnB. I like the red in this picture, but not the fact that she’s too light in it.