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These are small pieces of text and other media, writing in a hurry, left fleeting in my collection of notes.

Preventative anti cold sore zinc cream first made me look like Hitler, and since I didn’t want to scare Anja in the middle of the night I decided to turn it into a Ned Flanders mustache.

Lemonade got a free treat from the pet store: a nylon bite ring with edible bits. She’s so obsessed with it that she keeps walking around with it while whining, hiding it behind curtains and doors whenever she gets the chance.

I’m slowly sinking into a YouTube rabbit hole about one of the participants in the television series “Love after Lockup” and I don’t know what’s happening.

Had a lovely afternoon walk in the park with Roos and Lennon. Flevopark for president.

Achievement unlocked: actually resting during my lunch break.

Taking in August, this picture perfectly sums up the personality with which Lemonade has been blessed.

I was today years old when I learned it’s “long covid”, not “lung covid”.

Short older women with short gray hair give me childhood anxiety.

Just came home from the first edition of a new, invite-only film club, FC de Filmfanaten. I had suggested the film, “Talk To Me”, and I loved getting fresh perspectives and tidbits on it.