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These are small pieces of text and other media, writing in a hurry, left fleeting in my collection of notes.

After adding myself to App Defaults I took the liberty of importing the available list of RSS feeds into my reader. It was a mistake. I spent the weekend pruning my subscriptions, hoping I won’t be presented with 200+ updates a day in the form of micro blog content. A few of the new feeds immediately struck my fancy, though:

  • Mandaris Moore is one of the few Black people I’ve come across on the IndieWeb. It’s always good to see the African diaspora represented somewhere.

Replied to Thord D. Hedengren

Just about any app can read it, a year and a decade from now, I’m sure, and then some. That’s more than you can say about diary apps and services, they could suddenly disappear, like the Ello social network did.

Look at that, I had completely forgotten about Ello, but I felt its obscure echo when I read about Daft Social last week.

Enjoying a cozy Sunday indoors with Lemonade. We took a long walk in the park, where we met Sammie, Maat, and Hovis and Norman. I can tell she’s becoming a little less responsive to my cues, which tells me she’ll be going into heat soon. I’m meeting Erin before Church. I gave myself a nice two-strand twist for the first time. Life is good.

We started watching the fourth season of True Detective (2014-), which seems, so far, like an enticing storyline, great acting, and the firm reminder that Jodie Foster’s ultimate role is as a homicide detective.

Replied to Victor Dorneanu

Thanks for providing a quick summary of Cal’s video. Saved me a watch. At first glance, his idea resonates immediately, particularly the concept of the infinite buffer. I suppose it’s not difficult to get lost trying to distinguish this buffer from the cybernetic tools we use to populate it.

Lemonade and I have reached the stage of dog-human relationship where we trust each other, and I confidently let her off leash at the park. I can’t think of a better way to start the year.

Me in 2019: “If Anja ever wants to get a dog I will reevaluate our relationship.”

Me in 2024: “Do dogs understand movies especially those featuring dogs?”