Zinzy Waleson Geene

Hanging with Uncle Rosie ()

Talk to me (2023)

I saw this film at Filmhallen on 2023-08-25 .

What is interesting to me — and I have yet to learn of any specific language I can use for such occasions — that, every few years, a horror movie is released that is quickly dubbed “the scariest movie of [the year / the decade / all time]”, when one could seriously argue whether this is the case. I’m suspecting this is because Western culture traditionally regards horror movies as low-brow media, Silly archives, or simply bad storytelling. Perhaps the only descriptor we have for a good horror movie is that it’s the scariest. I should probably move this paragraph to a note called something like Art horror .

What I liked

  • The violence and abruptness of the opening scene
  • The general plot
  • The mixing of the opioid crisis and the ghost world

What I didn’t like

  • Felt it had a lull halfway through, can’t put my finger on what caused it