Zinzy Waleson Geene

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About this website

I grew up on the Internet in a time when social media meant writing comments on other people’s hand-built blogs. I remember a sense of whimsy, endless curiosity, and a beautiful lack of information overload. It instilled in me a deep appreciation for hand-crafted websites. This is one of them.


I believe things on the web should be accessible, transparent, and sustainable. This website is inspired by Brutalist web design principles, The a11y project, Designed to last, Sadness’ internet Manifesto, and others.

What I put on here

As an adult person with hobbies, a career, and various interests, and lived experiences, I routinely wonder what I should put on my website, what I should leave out, what style of design I should implement and why. What does this space say about my person? What does it say about my skills as a professional designer? This I know: I believe it’s good to have a single website that serves as my home on the web. I also believe that it’s okay to use this space to be vulnerable, lack awareness, and change my mind.


Currently this website sports a brutalist single-column design. It’s a humble form of activism of mine to combat the pressure my fellow UX designers and I feel about personal branding. I love narrow, single-column personal websites. They tell me: “hey, I’m just a person like you, and this is a way for you to get to know me a bit better. All you have to do is knock, I’ll always open the door.” I truly hope this website invokes a similar vibe for you. I usually refrain from using custom CSS or content in my diary entries.

Everything on this website, unless otherwise stated is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, which means:

  • You’re welcome to (adapt and) share my work
  • If you share my work, please credit me
  • You may share my work for noncommercial purposes
  • Any adaptations you make, should use the same license


Much like you, I assume, I don’t like being tracked on the Internet. There would be countless things I could learn from having analytics running on this website, but since quantitative analysis is a solid part of my day job, I like to keep the mystery alive in my private affairs. I don’t track you, but others might.

To do

  • Reinstate digital garden
  • Add way to respond to a page
  • Auto deploy on submodule update
  • Add progressive blur to top of page
  • Obsidian post templates
  • Apple shortcuts for IndieWeb notes
  • Apple shortcuts photos
  • Auto-send webmentions
  • Backlinks from posts to notes
  • Add library
  • Apple shortcuts for IndieWeb likes
  • Apple shortcuts for IndieWeb replies
  • Tailwindcss
  • Display guestbook posts
  • Add Netlify a11y plugin
  • Auto POSSE to Mastodon
  • iOS Shortcut likes with content field
  • Universal tags for posts and notes
  • Add second xml feed to netlify-plugin-webmentions (don’t know for sure that I want this)


Most recently

This site was last deployed on Sunday, September 24, 2023.