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About this website

I grew up on the Internet in a time when social media meant writing comments on other people’s hand-built blogs. I remember a sense of whimsy, endless curiosity, and a beautiful lack of information overload. It instilled in me a deep appreciation for hand-crafted websites. This is one of them.


I believe things on the web should be accessible, transparent, and sustainable. In making this website, I do my best to keep in mind the following sources of inspiration:


One element about web publishing that has forever been intriguing me is the question of online identity. As an adult person with hobbies, a career, and various interests, I routinely wonder what I should put on my website, what I should leave out, what style of design I should implement and why.

When it comes down to it, this I know: I believe it’s good to have a single website that serves as my home on the web rather than separate websites for my professional and personal lives. I also believe that it’s okay to use this space to be vulnerable, lack awareness, and change my mind.


Currently this website sports a brutalist single-column design. It’s a humble form of activism of mine to combat the pressure my fellow UX designers and I feel about personal branding.

I love narrow, single-column personal websites. They tell me: “hey, I’m just a person like you, and this is a way for you to get to know me a bit better. All you have to do is knock, I’ll always open the door.” I truly hope this website invokes a similar vibe for you.

I refrain from using custom CSS or content in my diary entries.

Everything on this website, unless otherwise stated is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, which means:

  • You’re welcome to (adapt and) share my work
  • If you share my work, please credit me
  • You may share my work for noncommercial purposes
  • Any adaptations you make, should use the same license


Much like you, I assume, I don’t like being tracked on the Internet. There would be countless things I could learn from having analytics running on this website, but since quantitative analysis is a solid part of my day job, I like to keep the mystery alive in my private affairs. I don’t track you, but others might.

To do

  • Reinstate digital garden
  • Universal tags for posts and notes
  • Add way to respond to a page
  • Add second xml feed to netlify-plugin-webmentions
  • Add library
  • Add Netlify a11y plugin
  • Auto POSSE to Mastodon
  • Auto-send webmentions
  • Auto deploy on submodule update
  • Add progressive blur to top of page
  • Obsidian post templates
  • Apple shortcuts for IndieWeb notes
  • Apple shortcuts for IndieWeb replies
  • Apple shortcuts for IndieWeb likes
  • Apple shortcuts photos
  • Backlinks from posts


Most recently

This site was last deployed on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.