Defaults: early 2024 edition

Inspired by App Defaults, this is a list of the main tools I frequently use these days.

Type App(s) Experience
Mail client Spark 🙂
Mail server Various 😑
Notes Obsidian 😏
To do Goodnotes 😏
Photo shooting, Polaroid Now+ 2 😏
Photo editing Snapseed 😏
Photo management Various 😑
Calendar Calendars 😑
Cloud file storage Dropbox 🙂
RSS Reader 😏
Contacts Contacts 😑
Browser Chrome 🙂
Chat Messages, Whatsapp 🙂
Bookmarks Chrome, website 🙂
Read it later Reader 😏
Word processing Obsidian, Google Docs 🙂
Spreadsheets Google Sheets 🙂
Presentations Google Slides 🙂
Shopping lists Obsidian 🙂
UX design Figma 😍
Meal planning N/A -
Budgeting YNAB 😍
News N/A -
Music Spotify 🙂
Audio books Audible 🙂
Podcasts PocketCasts 🙂
Password management redacted
Code editor, desktop VS Code 🙂
Code editor, mobile Working Copy 🙂
Maps Google Maps 🙂
AI assistant N/A -
Reading log Goodreads 😏
White noise Better Sleep 😍
Prayer Lectio 365, Prayer Day By Day 😍
Media triggers Does The Dog Die? 😍
Pomodoro Flow 😏
Notes, handwritten Goodnotes 😏
Code repository GitHub 😏
Bible study Logos+ 😏
Language learning Memrise 😍
Flashcards Quizlet 😏
Music study Toned Ear 😏

In addition


This category may sound strange to you. Yet, as a Black person who grew up in a white environment, I have to make a proactive effort to find community among people whose stories resonate with mine. These are spaces that help me do this:


  • WH-1000XM4 Wireless Premium Noise Canceling Headphones
  • (What brand is that reading light again?)
  • I use a knock-off version of the Roost laptop stand. I’d share a link, but I got it for free from a hostess at a coworker space, who took it straight from the Lost & Found. The knock-off is perfect, and has convinced me you don’t need to buy the actual Roost one.


  • I’ve inherited Anja’s kitchen utensil snobbery and have become a big fan of Le Creuset’s silicone spatula series. I wouldn’t know how to cook a proper meal without them.
  • Our best and most-used knives come from Karasu in Amsterdam

Wear & care

  • Over the Summer, I got myself a Nike Sportswear RPM Waistpack. Fanny packs are notoriously sizeist, but luckily this pack’s extra belt makes for a create extension, giving me the support I need.
  • I use the following products of Yari’s Green Curls line quite religiously: Moisturizing Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Deep Treatment Mask



  • Yogitri ECO Buddhi eye pillow with lavender-scented flax seed, used for savasana
  • Yogitri ECO Pratyak bolster
  • DoYourYoga half moon meditation pillow
  • YogaTimer
  • (I have an excellent mat that I’m trying to identify on the Internet)

Thank you for reading! Remember when the Internet was full of whimsy, creativity, and serendipity? I'm curious to hear your thoughts, so feel free to say hello.