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Defaults: early 2024 edition


Inspired by App Defaults, this is a list of the main tools I frequently use these days.

Type App(s) Experience
Mail client Spark πŸ™‚
Mail server Various πŸ˜‘
Notes Obsidian 😏
To do Goodnotes 😏
Photo shooting Camera.app, Polaroid Now+ 2 😏
Photo editing Snapseed 😏
Photo management Various πŸ˜‘
Calendar Calendars πŸ˜‘
Cloud file storage Dropbox πŸ™‚
RSS Reader 😏
Contacts Contacts πŸ˜‘
Browser Chrome πŸ™‚
Chat Messages, Whatsapp πŸ™‚
Bookmarks Chrome, website πŸ™‚
Read it later Reader 😏
Word processing Obsidian, Google Docs πŸ™‚
Spreadsheets Google Sheets πŸ™‚
Presentations Google Slides πŸ™‚
Shopping lists Obsidian πŸ™‚
UX design Figma 😍
Meal planning N/A -
Budgeting YNAB 😍
News N/A -
Music Spotify πŸ™‚
Audio books Audible πŸ™‚
Podcasts PocketCasts πŸ™‚
Password management redacted
Code editor, desktop VS Code πŸ™‚
Code editor, mobile Working Copy πŸ™‚
Maps Google Maps πŸ™‚
AI assistant N/A -
Reading log Goodreads 😏
White noise Better Sleep 😍
Prayer Lectio 365, Prayer Day By Day 😍
Media triggers Does The Dog Die? 😍
Pomodoro Flow 😏
Notes, handwritten Goodnotes 😏
Code repository GitHub 😏
Bible study Logos+ 😏
Language learning Memrise 😍
Flashcards Quizlet 😏
Music study Toned Ear 😏

In addition


This category may sound strange to you. Yet, as a Black person who grew up in a white environment, I have to make a proactive effort to find community among people whose stories resonate with mine. These are spaces that help me do this:


  • WH-1000XM4 Wireless Premium Noise Canceling Headphones
  • (What brand is that reading light again?)
  • I use a knock-off version of the Roost laptop stand. I’d share a link, but I got it for free from a hostess at a coworker space, who took it straight from the Lost & Found. The knock-off is perfect, and has convinced me you don’t need to buy the actual Roost one.


  • I’ve inherited Anja’s kitchen utensil snobbery and have become a big fan of Le Creuset’s silicone spatula series. I wouldn’t know how to cook a proper meal without them.
  • Our best and most-used knives come from Karasu in Amsterdam

Wear & care

  • Over the Summer, I got myself a Nike Sportswear RPM Waistpack. Fanny packs are notoriously sizeist, but luckily this pack’s extra belt makes for a create extension, giving me the support I need.
  • I use the following products of Yari’s Green Curls line quite religiously: Moisturizing Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Deep Treatment Mask



  • Yogitri ECO Buddhi eye pillow with lavender-scented flax seed, used for savasana
  • Yogitri ECO Pratyak bolster
  • DoYourYoga half moon meditation pillow
  • YogaTimer
  • (I have an excellent mat that I’m trying to identify on the Internet)