Zinzy Waleson Geene

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I maintain this page as an incomplete overview of the things I love to use. Kind of like Uses This, but they haven’t requested an interview yet. Before you dive in, please know that I believe (and tell myself in the mirror that) tools don’t matter. I don’t list all the tools I use (you don’t care that I have an iPhone), just the ones I think you might find useful.




  • Nike Sportswear RPM Waistpack: I am one of those people who doesn’t like a large day pack, and this fanny pack (the belt of which works for my body) is a great alternative.
  • Polette manufactures my glasses
  • Mascolori makes some of my favorite Oxford shoes


  • Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask with Nosepiece: I love being able to have my eyes open while I’m wearing a sleep mask, and this lets me do just that. I use this when I’m having trouble falling asleep, and won’t stop looking at my phone.
  • Medoes Sleep Mask: if I’m very tired and need to get to sleep right away, this mask does the trick.


Indispensable software

  • Alfred
  • BetterSleep: I’ve been using this app since it was still called Relax Melodies. As someone who hears things loudly, I’ve been able to significantly improve my experiences in the outside world. I love the fact that I can mix together various sounds.
  • Obsidian
  • Rectangle