I’m a User Experience (UX) practitioner. That’s a jargon-y way of saying I design software and research how user-friendly it is. I’m specialized in making tools for people at work.

For the past 17 years, I’ve worked as a researcher, developer, designer, strategist, design manager, and product manager in technology companies across a variety of industries. I’m strategic in my perspective, and tactical in my day-to-day. Whatever I do, I do just enough of it to solve a problem.

In my last 360 review,

What stood out in coworker feedback were my high standards and professionalism, rapid production pace, the bridge I provide between business and technology, my ability to make the difficult easy to understand, my critical and creative perspective, the sense that I meet people where they are, and the warmth and humor they experience in our encounters.

I make tools for people at work

I work as a Senior Product Researcher and Designer at Gerimedica, a provider of healthcare software. Rather than specializing in a particular business domain, I’m trained in seeing the commonalities across these domains, and applying best practices accordingly. I love business-to-business software because of its intricate business rules, serious problems, and domain experts.

Gerimedica (2023 — now)

As their senior UX researcher and designer, I enable Gerimedica’s product department in building user-friendly solutions for our market leading multidisciplinary healthcare software.

Leeruniek (2020 — 2023)

First as a UX strategist, and later as a Design & Product Manager, I helped streamline workflows at this startup, and built and scaled their interdisciplinary research practice

Airtrade (2015 — 2020)

As their first designer (though truly I started there as a front-end lead), I established a UX process at this travel technology market leader, building a multi-brand design system for a dozen of white labels tools in our product suite.

Studio Zinzy (2007 — 2015)

In my one-person studio I designed and built websites and software for clients large and small; from churches to healthcare professionals, and fine artists to publications.

Thank you for reading! Remember when the Internet was full of whimsy, creativity, and serendipity? I'm curious to hear your thoughts, so feel free to say hello.