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I'm a User Experience practitioner; a researcher and designer creating tools for people at work

For the past seventeen years, I've worked as a researcher, developer, designer, design manager, and product manager in technology companies across a variety of industries. I take a Ted Lasso approach to building products: I care little about my job title, and a lot about whatever activity will help us solve problems more effectively.


2020 β€” 2023

As their senior UX researcher and designer, I enable Gerimedica's product department in building user-friendly solutions for our market leading multidisciplinary healthcare software.


2020 β€” 2023

First as a UX strategist, and later as a Design & Product Manager, I helped streamline workflows at this startup, and built and scaled their interdisciplinary research practice.


2015 β€” 2020

As their first designer (though truly I started there as a front-end lead), I established a UX process at this travel technology market leader, building a multi-brand design system for a dozen of white labels tools in our product suite.

Studio Zinzy

Studio Zinzy

2007 β€” 2015

In my one-person studio I designed and built websites and software for freelancers, startups, academic departments, churches, healthcare professionals, event managers, journalists, and other clients.