What I'd tell an old friend

Last updated in May 2024

I’m at the Gerimedica office, posing for an employer branding photoshoot. I usually don’t use that whiteboard to draw anything, but that is my desk in the background, and that smile is genuine. I gave a great talk at our periodic company update, and I feel I’m doing good work that helps the company reach its goals. It’s a good day. The days have been good.

Right now, I’m

  • At home in Amsterdam’s Indische Buurt, where I share a small shoebox with Anja and Lemonade. We are childless child-free and enjoying every bit of it.
  • Enjoying the alternation of sunny and rainy days
  • Appreciating how the environment of Amsterdam allows me to meet new people almost everywhere I go
  • Helping out at All Saints to make it the church I need it to be
  • Working out again and loving it
  • Making music in my spare time, and moving slowly as I set up my personal space for recording and writing
  • Trying to bring my ideas and experiences into my writing more