The red thread in my life is bottomless curiosity for the world in which we live. I enjoy doing short deep-dives into all sorts of subjects. Some stay, but with many I’ll reach a point of satisfaction at some point, ready to take on something new. To learn about the more fleeting interests occupying my mind, you should read my Now page. Below is an overview of the themes that have been with me for decades.

Making music

Hailing from a long line of band geeks, I got my first toy piano at age four, and I haven’t been the same since. I know my way around most wind and percussion instruments, and developed a keen relationship first with the trumpet and the oboe, then the guitar, and now, finally, the piano. Making music is the single most effective tool in my mental health toolkit.


While it hasn’t been easy to find my place in the multiplex that is modern Christianity, spirituality within the context of the story of Jesus has always been important to me. My journey and relationships have let me find inspiration in taoism and Judaism, and today my approach to Christianity is largely non-literal, non-dogmatic, and profoundly subversive, as Robin Meyers would say. I follow Jesus, and I do my best not to worship him. I’m fortunate to have found a fellowship in All Saints, where I’m helping to build a community that is truly affirming and inclusive.


As a young adult I worked as a freelance photographer, and to this day I have a great appreciation for the art of photography. I have a few digital cameras, but most of my love I pour into my Polaroid.


I was academically trained as a linguist and literary theorist and was on a path to a career in comics studies before making a pivot towards design. Languages still hold a place in my heart, and I often use language learning as a way to relax and keep me on my toes. Currently, I’m learning Persian and Korean, and enjoying it thoroughly.


I’m an advocate for an Internet that is kind, accessible, transparent, and designed to foster connection and understanding. There’s great joy in maintaining my own website, and meeting many others who do the same.


  • How can design dynamically position itself as a service within an organization?
  • How can technology aid collaboration, inclusion, and knowledge building?
  • How does storytelling affect the lived experience and notion of self of individuals?
  • How can I learn to play that piece of music?
  • How does neurodiversity affect my relationships, attention, and productivity?
  • How can I cook this better?

Thank you for reading! Remember when the Internet was full of whimsy, creativity, and serendipity? I'm curious to hear your thoughts, so feel free to say hello.