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Week 1: Miracle mornings

  • A somewhat quiet week, mostly spent at the office because Anja’s on winter break, although I did enjoy spending time at Coffee Company Oosterdok as well. Working without my regular laptop stand and wireless keyboard and trackpad doesn’t feel great for my body, but they make great coffee.
  • I seem to have found my way back to the Miracle morning method. While I cringe at the very notion of self development, it has been great to start my day in quietude.
  • Lemonade did really well on New Year’s Eve, and while I think she would’ve been fine sleeping in her crate in the loving room, we let her sleep on the bed. We’re now people whose dog sleeps on their bed. Another benefit to this, besides cuddles, is that it gives me the living room to wake up calmly.
  • I spent my winter break walking serious distances in the city, and now that I’m back to work the rush of my calendar (even when it was mostly empty this week) made it so that I didn’t really go on a single urban hike.
  • I’ve been making a bigger effort to practice the Law of Two Feet, and much to my amusement it gives me so much more headspace.
  • We’re continuing our Better Call Saul (2015-2022) journey, which, mid-way through season 2, seems to find itself in a bit of a legal lull. I wonder if it’ll change. I wonder if I’ll continue watching if it doesn’t.
  • I’ve set a reading challenge on Goodreads this year, and this week I’m already down 1, 25 more to go. I’ve discovered that non-fiction audio books work well for me.
  • On Friday, we had farewell drinks for AN. I’m quite sad to see him go. He and I both have golden retriever energy, and it was always a bit of a homecoming to be at the office with him.
  • On Saturday, I went to Coppenhagen for new beads. I’ve been looking for excuses to make more rosaries, and I decided I’ll make one for each liturgical color.