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Showing up not knowing what will happen


I met Shervin at the coffee place this morning. We know each other very casually; we used to frequent the same co-working space, we’re LinkedIn friends. He has one of those faces that you just want to meet with a smile.

We exchange how life is treating us, what we’re doing at work. He tells me about his side projects, and how one of them is an invite-only meetup where you attend without knowing what you’ll be doing. He lets me in on secrets around the next meetup, and tells me what kind of activities are involved. It sounds magical.

There’s beauty in the not knowing, we agree. In the whimsy of the unexpected, the sudden connection we may feel with other humans. I tell him his project reminds me of Marina AbramoviΔ‡, whom Anja and I were fortunate enough to meditate with in Carre last year. Participating in her famous eye-gazing practice with complete strangers was transformative.

I’m glad I got an invitation.