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Dog park


My attempt to lure both Anja and myself outside for some fresh air and a walk was thwarted as soon as I learned the place was out of my favorite bubble tea. We strolled to Flevopark, in my hand an ice cream cone, and on my face the disappointment of a toddler who can’t be satisfied.

The park has a wide field that allows loose dogs to roam freely in the off-season. Even through the trees Anja and I spotted the corgi from half a mile away.

“I mean, we could just go up and chat a little, right? She might have some good tips?” Anja and I wondered, looking for an excuse to get closer to the dog. We must have looked completely adorable, because the face of Kenny’s owner brightened once she noticed us lingering nearby.

She told us about their routine, how he could already stay home alone for most of the day, and how she’d had never heard him bark. Within minutes we learned we all know Lalo, another corgi in the neighborhood.

It’s nice getting to know this new corner of the neighborhood. She and I are dog people now.