I’ve updated some things around here over the weekend that I think are worth documenting. There are three major changes:

  • Status update at the top of the page
  • Content is now served through a submodule
  • Blogroll

I love Mu-An’s status update so much I had to have it for myself. I like the idea of fleeting messages, blurbs shouted into space, with no proper archive. I almost fool myself into thinking nobody will be able to hold me accountable for what I publish there, but we all know that’s not true.

I enjoy writing Densely-linked content, and for this reason it’s better for me to have all of my writing in a single space. My space of choice at the moment is Obsidian, and thanks to Github Publisher, an Obsidian plugin, and Tania Rascia’s sweet writeup on submodules, I now technically don’t have to be in my code base to publish content anymore.

I’ve taking the liberty of hacking together the most obscene of deployment strategies: every time I update my status, Netlify builds my site and checks the latest updates of the submodule, publishing any new notes, posts, or pages in the process. I am not ashamed.