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Week 15: Streak


I am on a 33-day streak picking my teeth before bed. I’ve designed a temptation bundle, pairing the activity with a few minutes of garbage television. During these days, I’ve made it through two seasons of Love After Lockup and six seasons of Sister Wives. It shouldn’t surprise you that my watching habit has extended well beyond the time it takes me to pick my teeth. Earlier this week I decided to tone it down and return the temptation bundle to its original intention. Not because I want to watch less garbage television, but because I don’t want Sister Wives to end.

I watched the trailer for Them and it didn’t take long for me to decide I wasn’t going to watch the series, despite how much I love Lena Waithe. People who are close to me know this already, but the classroom scene could have been taken from my life. I think I’m ready for Black narratives that don’t just center around the entertainment of collective and private trauma of Black people.

We’re in the process of perfecting our tossed pasta recipe.