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On keeping a journal


The only journal I’ve ever been able to successfully keep is a photo journal. Not so much the one-book or one-website type, but more so a simply collection of visual anecdotes, encounters and experiences. My first website was called www.doyoulikemytightsweater.com. It was a HTML-based one-photo-per-page website that I updated very frequently. Ever since the domain expired and I got a little sick of getting pervy emails (I should have known), I had never owned a photo website that I loved so much.

The problem with my offline photo journalling habit was that I could never enjoy looking at my photos. There were no visuals to support my Finder, and I loved seeing them come together when arranged in a certain way. So, for approximately five years I didn’t really look at any of the photographs I took.

Today, a tiny new chapter opens up with the birth of a new website dedicated to these photographs. I’m in the process of selecting the ones I love most from 2005-now, and publishing them in a horizontal fashion. They’re relatively small, always have to be seen in relation to each other, and are created by a collection of cameras. They were taken for a number of reasons; many for clients, but even more for my personal gratification.

As of now the website is located at Tumblr, but that will most likely change to a more personalized address. I’m contemplating using zinzygeene.nl, which I think is always a joke when it comes to a serious portfolio website, or another one I have registered. Stay tuned.

Update: I’ve taken it down because I can’t get over Tumblr’s problem with ownership.