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It was indeed great while it lasted, until about three weeks ago. Churning out little posts, coming up with fun tidbits, roaming the streets of Eindhoven with a little noteback. Getting feedback. Compliments. Your mother’s cousins' daughters' coworkers are reading your blog. And then university life begins. And there is time for nothing.

So here’s a change of strategy, and of pace.

This website will be featuring different forms of content from now on. No more updates on my general well-being, college achievements, and peculiar trains of thought. Sure, there’s enough happening, but the focus isn’t where it should be: on a white piece of paper. Instead of feeling shame about my lack of commitment, I will simply change the contents.

If I were you, I would adjust my expectations for this particular website: pictures without explanations, cryptic musings, things I like, things I wish to remember, and sometimes the old blog post. Or a combination of all of the above, or something entirely different. You have been warned.

Sorry. Love you too.

Thank you for reading! Remember when the Internet was full of whimsy, creativity, and serendipity? I'm curious to hear your thoughts, so feel free to say hello.