Zinzy's website



It was indeed great while it lasted, until about three weeks ago. Churning out little posts, coming up with fun tidbits, roaming the streets of Eindhoven with a little noteback. Getting feedback. Compliments. Your mother’s cousins' daughters' coworkers are reading your blog. And then university life begins. And there is time for nothing.

So here’s a change of strategy, and of pace.

This website will be featuring different forms of content from now on. No more updates on my general well-being, college achievements, and peculiar trains of thought. Sure, there’s enough happening, but the focus isn’t where it should be: on a white piece of paper. Instead of feeling shame about my lack of commitment, I will simply change the contents.

If I were you, I would adjust my expectations for this particular website: pictures without explanations, cryptic musings, things I like, things I wish to remember, and sometimes the old blog post. Or a combination of all of the above, or something entirely different. You have been warned.

Sorry. Love you too.