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I'm a volunteer mentor reserving some of my working hours to coach researchers and designers. The people I speak with are a diverse, friendly bunch: seasoned practitioners with specific problems at the office, newbies looking for a portfolio review, mid-weight designers looking for a raise, and anyone in between. You may book a session with me any time through ADPList.

Me and Gabriela Roestandy after a her one-day internship at the Gerimedica office

What it's like to work with me

  • Extremely kind, approachable, and understanding human being, and I look forward to our next meeting!

    Caitlyn Downen

  • I feel much more confident to proceed with my research now and have more clarity on the direction that I want to take. She is also incredibly kind, thoughtful, funny and insightful and just extremely lovely to talk to!

    Gabriela Roestandy

  • They gave me constructive feedback on my work struggles—communication, UX methodologies, getting more objective user data—and offered practical tips as a UX designer.

    Jieun Kim

  • As I was navigating my job-hunting path, she spent some time viewing my portfolio before our meeting and gave me constructed feedback on impressions and areas of improvement on my portfolio.

    Ruoyun Wang

  • They are extremely personable, positive and helpful! I received tons of great advice, and I will definietly be booking another mentoring session with them in the future!

    Tyanna Simpkins

  • One of the most motivating mentorship sessions I've ever had. Thank you for the detailed feedback and advice on my portfolio and hiring process. Really appreciate it! 💖

    Vadym Kravtsov

Book a session

I love speaking with people from all around the world about what it means to research and design digital products. Whether you’re new to the industry or you’ve been around the block a few times, I’d love to learn more about your story. You can find me on ADPList.

Before you book

While I keep my session inbox open to anyone, I’ve noticed lately that there are more requests than I can manage. I may direct your request to another mentor, resources, or one of the guides below.