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Week 3: Beaming

  • In the evenings, we’re continue our journey with Better Call Saul (2015-2022). Midway through season 3, it’s finally beginning to get a firm grip on our attention span again. I loved the debut of Gus Fring, the way he lingers in the background, out of focus, voiceless, before landing, so to speak. I find this one of the finest roles in television history.
  • Less reading this week.
  • Struggling with discernment this week: what do I do when following Jesus when it gets hard interferes with my boundaries and sense of safety
  • Beaming at work
  • Beaming at home
  • Sunday is amazing. First, I meet KΓ©lian for a drink at Bar Bario. I met him at Omek and was inspired by his relationship to money. He gave me great tips and a few resources to boot. I aim to make 2024 the year in which I learn to be more comfortable in my relationship with money.
  • Sunday continued at Bar Buka, where I met Erin for a drink. She, in an act of bravery the level of which I will never possess, left her Canta unlocked. I was able to open the door and take out the keys. I admire people who have such faith in the city of Amsterdam and the people who inhabit her.
  • Erin and I eventually made it to church, which was surprisingly full. I met Rev. Jacque Williams, who is apparently running a great thing over in the part of the country I tend to avoid.