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Week 33: Landing

  • The first week back at work is fairly quiet, I even found myself on the verge of boredom at one point. Organically, this makes me feel bad, but I remind myself that weeks before and after holidays tend to have this effect on my life. I tell myself I’m just landing.
  • No one can convince me the municipality of Amsterdam isn’t using major construction projects to show tourists how crap the city can be. On Sunday, I go for a long bike ride to Amsterdamse Bos and back, and crossing the Berlagebrug I’m struck by how quiet the street is without cars racing by. I like it.
  • I finished watching The Righteous Gemstones, and I miss them already.
  • Anja’s still off for the summer, and I’m watching her slowly recover from being my personal chauffeur for two weeks
  • The Summer makes me not want to cook. It’s no help that I’m using Annelie’s apartment to work while she’s travelling, and that I use the occasion to order poke bowls for lunch. I’m surprised by the quality of Poke Perfect’s teriyaki chicken bowl, extra edamame.
  • I’m reading and enjoying Robin Meyer’s Saving Jesus From the Church (2009), a tool to make my interest in orthopraxy more tangible.