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Meeting Yana and DJ


What I love most about today’s snapshot is the despair I can see in Lemonade’s eyes even when her entire body is a background blur. DJ is a calm 12-year-old dog, and Lemonade was thrilled to see another dog in our home for the first time, but her energy level was high enough that I eventually brought her back to her crate. It was right in time, too, because the afternoon light filling the living room made for a nice little portrait.

It was wonderful to welcome Yana into our home for the first time. When I hired her in the late Winter of 2022 as our newest UX designer, I knew there was something special about her. Now, well over a year later, I’m pleased to call her a friend. We caught up on career adventures, new trends in the design industry, and of course the joys of being a dog mom.

After Yana and DJ left, Anja and I began winding down for the day. After dinner, we watched the latest episode of the final season of Succession, which may have been my favorite one yet. The characters on this show are so complex and candidly-written. I’m already low-key heartbroken that this show is going to end. At the same time, I’m also pleased to be alive to watch it unfold in real time.