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The cat


Life sure is different now that we’ve gotten Lemonade on a proper walking schedule. She still feels most comfortable going potty on the puppy pads we have on our balcony, but she absolutely loves going out and exploring the neighborhood.

I’m surprised by how well she walks on a loose leash, and how few issues we’ve had with the stuff she puts in her mouth. I’m hoping to make most use of her imprint period, and that means familiarizing her with as many different things as possible.

I’m happy to find a cat on our morning walk. Lemonade responds to the cat the way I expected a dog would: oozing deference. They stand across from each other for a few minutes, and I reward Lemonade with cheese treats afterwards.

It’s the first step on the road to Lemonade meeting Pookie, my mother-in-law’s cat.