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Saturday morning routines


Living in a good neighborhood has many advantages. One of them is that it makes me want to spend a lot of time there. Saturday morning is very likely my favorite day in the neighborhood.

I get up, without an alarm, around 6:30, engage in some morning writing, and fanny around the house for a bit. I take a shower at 7:45, and walk to my favorite coffee place at 08:20. Sometimes I wait outside for a few minutes until their doors open at 08:30.

“Medium decaf mocaccino, half cow’s milk, half Tony Chocolonely.” I say it, but none of the baristas need reminding. Sometimes I bring my computer to work on my personal site, sometimes I bring a book and my diary. I’m not the only one who lives Saturday mornings like this.

This morning I hung out, drawing people who were conducting a similar Saturday morning routine. A great start to the weekend.