Everything about the dog

Have you heard? Anja and I are getting a dog. It was up in the air for a little while, but we got the confirmation yesterday that we’ll get first pick of a nest of eight adorable little Pembroke - Cardigan corgi mixes. We’re meeting the puppies for the first time on Sunday. Are you crying? I’m crying.

2022 showed me that there are serious drawbacks to being an A type personality. The way it helps Anja and I prepare for a puppy isn’t one of them. Too excited to sleep, I now wake at 04:15 to formulate schedules, training OKRs, and crate strategies.

Annoyingly, I’ve now become one of those people who thinks they know a minuscule sliver of the dread expecting parents must feel, aiming to read all of the world’s parenting books before retiring on the idea that, at the end of the day, it’s all about intuition and consistency.

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