Hey Elliott, so lovely to have you over for coworking this afternoon! I love the way you think about UX; your artistic perspective is so valuable for the Internet and for web design, and you always make me see things from a new angle. Aside from the links I already shared with John and Maarten on June 23rd, here’s some stuff I love:

  • Jason Cosper inspired me to get rid of my About page.
  • Agile and Scrum are quite complex, and multi-interpretable, but Nielsen Norman Group has a few nice resources.
  • When it comes to extraversion and “people-person”-ness, I think the UX industry is quite a good fit for those who aren’t those things. Like I said, your ability to create an icebreaker on the fly isn’t half as interesting as your ability to figure out what UX method can answer a specific question. This reminds me of a talk I attended at UXInsights Festival 2022, which wasn’t about this topic per se, but about making UX research accessible for neurodivergent UX professionals. You might like it!