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Week 47: Booster

  • I forgot how the COVID booster can make you feel as though, temporarily, the world may well be ending. I got it earlier this week, and it left me with a sore arm and that dreadful, ridiculous sensation that accompanies a flu that lasts a week too long. I mimic my late stepfather, who used to wimper like a puppy whenever he got a cold.
  • I still do well to limit my hours of screen time. Before I know it, I’m stuck with a headache and dizzy spell.
  • Spotify’s Discover Weekly was on point this week. Aside from lovely “beards and log cabin” tunes, as I call 70s soft rock, I’ve fallen hard for the hyper pop track “Notice” by Moe Shop and Toriena.
  • We raced through another season of The Crown, this time with the excellent Elizabeth Debicki as Diana. I love how she manages to capture Diana so well despite and because of her camp-adjacent interpretation of her. I wonder if she ever got a sore neck during taping.
  • After protesting for weeks, I’ve finally let Anja turn on the heating. So far, I haven’t had much up-close experience with the energy crisis the world is currently facing, and I don’t want that to change. It’s great to feel my toes, though.