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33 things


Below is a list of thoughts, opinions, ideas, and tips that I’ve gathered in my 33rd year on Earth.

  1. Working from home does wonders for my productivity and mental health
  2. I like the term “Torah-observant Catholic” for me
  3. Shaving my head has been one of the finest decisions I’ve made in life.
  4. I wish I could just answer ‘ Wit Huiswerk’ to most Dutch statements I hear about racism
  5. Got my first tattoo in June
  6. I listened to ‘ Girls’ by girl in red 208 times this year 🀦🏽
  7. We got COVID-19 and it was terrifying, even without a hospital stay
  8. It’s very liberating to say “I don’t talk about that” when people ask small talk questions about my family or past
  9. This bolognese sauce from Smitten Kitch produces the best lasagna I’ve ever had
  10. I found a new job at a company that does great things for the world
  11. My favorite part of the pandemic, after Tiger King, was Trump’s campaign team sending out a newsletter every 40 minutes on Election day
  12. It’s okay
  13. This acoustic version of Mama Kin’s ‘Rescue me’ is so nice
  14. I don’t know how to speak with a Jewish family member who has become convinced that there is a satanic cabal injecting corona through 5G
  15. I will not forget the empty shelves
  16. Got my second tattoo in December
  17. I missed Paris in 2020
  18. This pen is this year’s favorite
  19. My father died
  20. I bleached my hair
  21. I joined the leadership team of Vine & Fig and it is so very baller
  22. Ate Fluff for the first time
  23. My man Kit built and opened a restaurant
  24. I didn’t watch Killing Eve until now
  25. I’ve begun drinking decaffeinated coffee. It makes me feel old, but less headache-y
  26. Took part in a wonderful webinar on the Pope and the queer community
  27. Trending this year was “OH MY GOD, my back”
  28. Carmen Maria Machado
  29. Found my new favorite rosary from Olvera Street Rosary
  30. No matter which turn I take, I always end up right back at plain text files
  31. ‘How to respect my ethnic name’
  32. Listen to Bedouine
  33. Despite my academic background in linguistics, I was never really a language snob until this