I’ve been a practitioner of yoga for about sixteen years now. I started when I was a freshman in college, in an unpretentious class with middle-aged women tired of their back pains. It was a great, cyclical experience: feeling the calm set into my body during class on Monday, and having it slowly wear off, right in time for the next class. These last few years I’ve begun concentrating on:

  • Yin yoga
  • Yoga nidra, a very quiet form of yoga usually induced by a guided meditation, which lets the practitioner land in a state between being awake and being asleep. I use nidra as a means of learning more about how much rest my body needs.

How I practice

At the moment, I practice yoga both at home and at my favorite studio, Thrive Yoga. It’s a small space with great teachers, as well as a beautiful atmosphere. Before this, I’ve tried out various studios in Amsterdam, including Delight Yoga, Yoga Zenter, BlueBirds Yoga, and Sukha Yoga, mostly through OneFit.

How I like my yoga

  • Slow paced
  • Calm atmosphere
  • A quiet, soundtrack made up of non-pop, low-lyric music
  • Small number of participants
  • Some soft talk of what may happen in my body during a pose
  • Little talk of Asian [[ Spirituality|spiritual practices ]]

Yoga heroes

  • The single most influential person for my yoga practice has been Jessamyn Stanley, a black, fat, queer yoga teacher from North Carolina. She has helped me embrace my body, accept the particularity of my practice, and has shown me that yoga is also for me.

Further reading

  • Uses contains a list of tools for yoga that I use