UXinsight Festival 2022

These are the notes I took during the UXinsight Festival 2022.




Being in possible futures?

by Sarah Pink

Thoughts afterwards

Leverage Secondary Research in your Practice

By Xenia Avezov

The Power of Saying No

By Ilse Blom

Share The Power: Using Rapid Research to empower your teammates to gather and share customer insights

How to Make UX Research Accessible for Neurodivergent UX Professionals

How to (Remotely) Immerse your Teams in Research

Agency maturity in Africa: Working for Wikimedia

Creating Value: What, Who, & How?

Jacob Harbord

The Customer Insights Core: first steps of strategic research at Glovo by UXR & Data

How to Tackle Research Complexity: Approaching Nuanced and Complex Findings in a TL;DR World

By Wendi Chong

Too Good to be True: Benefits and Pitfalls of Using Stories to Communicate User Research

Lunch talk – Hitting the User Research Maturity Wall: how to avoid research stagnation

By Tom Hayes

Start a career in games user research

Team’s 1st UX researcher? – How to go from the Blind Date to a Healthy Relationship

Break talk – Our Quest for Digital Value

Conducting Research on UX Researchers: Research Bookmark contributes to Scaling Global UX Research practice

Further exploration

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