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This website

Technical, aesthetic, and philosophical details

Last tended on Sep 11, 2021


This website is a personal space, a dorky man cave of sorts that I use (and abuse) to test new web technologies and philosophies. It's part of the Indieweb, which means I like to own my own content, try and fail in public, and keep things for postery as tech startups come and go.

The digital garden

Like many other people I maintain a set of undated text files that change over time. I have been doing this since 2005; first on little index cards, and eventually in digital environments. My Dropbox folder contains a private version of this set, consisting of thousands of files I've written in the past few decades.

Tech details

  • Gatsby.js
  • Netlify
  • bHosted
  • Sass
  • Gatsby Tufte CSS


  • Add new content type for titles in /library
  • Design /garden
  • Design /library
  • Organize /library by content type
  • Design 'Referenced In' component
  • Change header of tag result
  • Sort notes alphabetically
  • Query images from library folders
  • Pull Markdown files from Dropbox
  • Pull imagery from Dropbox
  • Add Multimarkdown support
  • Add contact form
  • Add Last.fm content
  • Update typography
  • Increase spacing opportunities
  • Organize tag results by content type
  • Transition header background color on scroll
  • Add fade-in capacity for images
  • Add webring
  • Improve responsive typography
  • Bi-directional link preview windows
  • Externa link tippy.js