This website

This website is a personal space, a dorky man cave of sorts that I use (and abuse) to test new web technologies and philosophies. It’s part of the Indieweb, which means I like to own my own content, try and fail in public, and keep things for postery as tech startups come and go.

The digital garden

Like many other people I maintain a set of undated text files that change over time. I have been doing this since 2005; first on little index cards, and eventually in digital environments. My Dropbox folder contains a private version of this set, consisting of thousands of files I’ve written in the past few decades.

The feed

My feed contains Indieweb articles, notes, bookmarks, likes, and things I’ve read. Its form is closer to the traditional blog, with the exception that I use this feed as my substitute for Twitter and other text-based social media platforms.

Technical details

Last tended on Saturday May 22, 2021

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