An archive of my Now page.

October 2022

  • I’m interested to read some of Germaine Greer’s work. I like how, beyond the initial shock value of things she has said, there is a very blatant truth that I’m happy to engage with.

  • After six weeks in the Algarve to continue recovering from an Eating disorder, I’m readjusting to bustling Amsterdam and establishing new habits.

  • Before Portugal, I was notoriously rubbish at dreaming about what I’d want my life to be like. I’ve returned with a renewed sense of agency, and a small-but-growing bucket list to boot.

  • Getting settled it at my new yoga studio Thrive Yoga.

  • Learning Yiddish in the early hours.

May 2022

  • Thinking about visual literacy, in part because the bulk of Anja’s academic work is focused on it right now, but also because I just love telling people off whenever they say that “the book is better than the movie”.

  • I’m interested in learning about buddhism, but I don’t know where to start. Everything seems either too technical or too Pinterst quotesque. A trusted source tells me Pema Chödrön, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Herman Hesse’s Siddharta are good entry point. Off we go.

  • I’ve been mentoring over on ADPList for a while now, and I can only say I’m truly enjoying it. It’s great to work with researchers, designers, and product managers in different stages of their careers.

  • After months of being, in essense, a recruitment manager, we added two new amazing talents to our team. I have one more role to fill, but I’m very pleased that the bulk of my time at work now goes to research, **strategy, mentoring, and operations. Feels good to be back. In all of it, I’m working to rely on my intuition, and to ask better questions.

  • I’ve been experimenting with new dishes: Teriyaki steak rolls, and Miso Yaki Onigiri

  • We’ve been into The Staircase. I remember watching it years ago, and now that the rather satisfying HBO series is available, we’re rewatching the documentary for extra context. It’s striking to see what role anti-queer rhetoric played in the investigation and media coverage.

  • Things look a little bit different on this site, and that’s mainly because I built it again, this time using Maxime Vaillancourt’s digital garden Jekyll template.

  • Attended UXInsight Festival 2022 and enjoyed it.

April 2022

It’s odd to think about what life was like in the Spring of 2021, or even 2020. Sure, we were definitely working on our little street-side garden, hoping to bring some color to the neighborhood, but other than that, not much was the same at home. We had a living room office, each with our own command center. Now, things are slowly returning to normal. We’ve installed new kitchen counters, getting our couch reupholstered. It feels like the house is becoming a home again.

At Leeruniek, I’m focused on creating a user-centered mode of collaboration. It’s great fun work with colleagues from outside the product team, and develop a shared understanding of what we and what we do mean to our customers. Part of this effort involves cultivating a culture of receiving and giving feedback, something I find very refreshing. We’re also hiring in the product team and we’ve already found a new engineer and a new designer. I’m looking forward to exploring our new team setup.

September 2021

Every year, without fail, I find myself longing for Autumn in the middle of Summer. I’m looking forward to cups of tea, blankets, and rainy afternoons. Much like the characters in You’ve Got Mail, I love September because it reminds me of freshly-sharpened pencils and other things that prompt a back-to-school vibe. I’m also looking forward to quilting a prayer mat.

What I’m enjoying spiritual reflections on the Lectio 365 app, as well as CelinaSpookyBoo’s dad jokes and her accompanying laugh. I’ve been reading about chronic shame. I’ve been playing around with Gatsby starters for a bit, and I’m ready to begin building things from scratch.

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