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Things I've written about productivity

Walking with Annelie

Walking with Annelie is coffee indoors today. We’ve told each other we need to go on more walks. She asks if we should dress warmly for the cold, wet park, or if we should just grab a table inside. Normally at this hour, Coffee Company is packed to the brim with digital nomads, so “dress for cold, hope for warmth” I say. Miraculously, there are two tables from which we can choose.

I’m so proud of the work Annelie has been doing, building a business from scratch, and wrapping her head around how she can do her best work. We discuss productivity; tools, methods, apps, Etsy calendar print-outs. Today, I tell her how much Elizabeth Filips has been helping me. We decide we should join Shut Up & Write sometime.

It was clear from the start to both Anja and I that Annelie would make a great godmother for Lemonade the puppy. We’ve decided to go full over-the-top with anything dog-related, and luckily Annelie is more than happy to review my birth announcement card options. She couldn’t radiate more enthusiasm about this dog if she tried. And she hasn’t even met her yet.

As we shmoozed over coffee, I was reminded of the time when doing this indoors wasn’t even possible. I remember the Coffee Company line going all the way around the block, the overflowing trash bins with paper coffee cups, the increasing amount of fresh air we were all taking in. It’s nice to spend time indoors again, but I do miss the park. I can’t wait for spring to start.

Indian Summer Christmas

Christmas break is passing by me like it passes by an ambitious teenager. I greeted all the things I could do with great enthusiasm. Sadly, that feeling quickly turned into terror once I realised two weeks isn’t that long and I need to sleep.

Productivity-wise, man can only fail under such conditions, this I know.

Meanwhile, I keep being amazed by the weather in Haarlem. I managed to take some photos downtown last week that remind me of the beginning of September, despite a winter coat here and rain hat there.

Commonplace book

Ryan Holiday describes the how and why of his ‘Commonplace Book’, a collection of quotes and other pieces of text written down on index cards. I, too, have been keeping such a system since I started college. I always carry a few cards when I’m out and about, held together by bulldog clips.

Incredibly handy and simple, it has turned out.