Sound of Metal

We finished watching Sound of Metal. Its sound mix is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. When I think of going deaf I think of the other option in the thought experiment: going blind. I’d pick going deaf any day, despite my musical abilities. Until seeing this film, I’d never thought of going deaf in its terrifying isolation.

Living with a partner with partial hearing loss has certainly made me more aware of the difficulties one might occur with such an affliction, but seeing this film has firmly cemented my plan to be a better ally. She’s terrified of what a hearing aid may sound like. I’m browsing the web for apps that teach sign language.

In bed, as I showcase how to sign to ten in Dutch, she asks: “do you know what the sign for Jew is?” She looks at me with the eyes of a woman who can’t believe she still has to remind the world to #neverforget, and makes a Pinocchio nose.

Last tended on Thursday May 20, 2021

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