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I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Anja finished her ceramics class

90s aesthetic on pick-up day

Second scene from Nascosto

First scene from Nascosto

Coworker vibes

Road trip

Uncle Refael

Unable to get over the fact that we can casually stream TV shows produced and directed by Anja’s aunt.


Watch list

FC Hyena

Our first Mother’s Day!

Friday afternoon office charcuterie

Welcome Kobe!

Saturday vibes

Get a pedicure, get your hair did

Months ago, as I passed this building on the tram, I thought to myself “psshhh, imagine working here.” And now I’m casually staying for Friday night drinks until 10pm.

Past midnight, I look for me in the yellow shirt on a Paris high street, next to you and I think I’m crying a bit. Mid-steak I jumped up from my chair, shouted your moniker at the top of my lungs, and we talked about the Internet, mental health, about women writing, about Paris, and how beautiful and odd it was that I knew so much about two kids I would never meet. I can’t find the picture now in the digital chaos, but I do find a little monster lurking in the shadows. Oh Heather, how terrified you’ve made me of the word relapse. How truly spectacular it was to know you the way I did.

And that’s week one of onboarding.

Is it okay to have a crush on a dog?

Feeling most welcome

Dream come true: coffee in a soup bowl

Cycling with Lemonade

The things (shoes, birds) we sell on King’s Day

Lucky thing we have a good electrician.

I need to get Lemonade a rain coat.

Flevopark after dinner

It’s nice to have nice neighbors

16 weeks and melting hearts

Spotted Evelyn and her gorgeous nails at Coffee Company just now.

Thanks for the sweet send-off, coworkers at Leeruniek!