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Mental health resources

Some of the books, videos, papers, and articles that I've found useful in making sure I can function as a kind, happy human

Last tended on Sep 11, 2021


If you've visited my website before, you know I don't shy away from writing about things that indicate I try to take care of my mental health. I do that, in public, as a way to Write to remember, and also as a way to remind myself that shame cannot survive if it's spoken.

Much like most other humans, my childhood formed a blueprint, some of the aspects of which require work to change into something more constructive, positive, and useful. In this list below, you'll find some things that have helped raise my awareness of challenging topics such as trauma, emotional neglect, chronic shame, and alcohol abuse.


Emotional neglect and chronic shame

  • School of Life's video What Is Emotional Neglect? And How to Cope
  • The work of Dr. Jonice Webb has been absolutely instrumental in my understanding of the childhood I had, some of the aspects that defined it, and why it's affecting me to this day. She has written many insightful articles (on her website and others) as well as number of books on the topic.
  • I've learnt volumes on how chronic shame stems from emotional neglect through the beautiful work of Lindsay Braham. If you love her work, I recommend becoming her Patron.
  • Brené Brown's talk Listening to shame
  • School of Life's video The Problem of Shame

Alcohol abuse