I currently enjoy full-time employment at Leeruniek, a start-up in education technology. I joined Leeruniek predominantly because I liked the things they told me about using data for good, and working autonomously in a design-forward product team.

May 2021 - now

I transitioned to the role of Product & Design Manager to help make Leeruniek’s product more sustainably user-centered. This job, the title of which I invented out of necessity, turns out to be a delightful, user-forward way of making a product. My team is focused on fortifying the foundation of our dashboard, and responding well to the education industry’s changing focus. Helping crucial workers during the pandemic has been one of the most gratifying things I’ve done.

December 2020 - April 2021

I joined Leeruniek as a Design Strategist in their Product team, focusing on holistic product design, and establishing a UX practice.