Since late 2020 I’ve been a part of the wonderful team of Leeruniek, a scale-up in education technology that was founded in 2015. I joined them because I liked what they told me about using data for good, about equity in education, and about working autonomously in a design-forward product team.

Together, we’re on a path to sustainable and more equitable use of educational data.

What I do there

  • The product team is my launching pad for how I roam the company. I’m primarily concerned with anything to do with user experience: from research-informed large-scale decisions to the details of our design system.
  • Outside of the product team I advocate for the people working with our company by coaching non-UX staff in user-centered thinking, and by giving them concrete tools to get the answers they need.

Why I love working at Leeruniek

If you’re considering joining us, here are some honest opinions:

  • We operate from a standpoint of generous assumptions and curiosify
  • Employees are invited to be proactive and autonomous
  • The product team is integrated, and tight-knit
  • Our company culture is soft and friendly