The IndieWeb describes itself as a

The IndieWeb is a people-focused alternative to the “corporate web”.

Why it matters to me

Because I was a child in the nineties, the Internet has been instrumental in my development as a person. My experience, tastes, and modes of communication have all strongly been informed by the Internet. I built my first website in the nineties, when talking on the Internet still required knowledge of markup languages. I don’t say that to place myself in a group with people who know what that means. I say it because I seriously miss that period of history.

Community experience

I remember a weekend early in the Spring of 2022, when I spontaneously joined an IndieWebCamp conference online. I’d been routinely visiting the personal sites of IndieWeb enthusiasts for years, and I figured it’d be great to see some of the well-known faces give talks. I was ironing and folding laundry on a lazy Saturday, an activity I thought perfect for listening in on a conference attended by hundreds if not thousands of people. Once I logged on, I saw nine nerds sitting in a small conference room in South-West Germany. There was one other person who had phoned in. To my surprise, IndieWeb hero Tantek was explaining how to purchase a domain name to an excited new face.