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I'm a queer Afropean Catholic

Some thoughts on defining myself

Last tended on Sep 11, 2021


I grew up in the Dutch South, and in line with Western stereotypes, being a Catholic was always very much a casual ordeal. I'll be updating this page with some more details about how I came to accept the inherent conflict of identifying as a queer Afropean Catholic, but for now, feel free to listen to Tabard Inn S1E23.

Some things I consider in choosing to call myself this:

  • How were the journeys of my African ancestors affected by the Catholic Church?
  • What Church traditions do I partake in, knowing that my financial contributions may directly award the violent, discriminatory behavior of Church officials?
  • Do I expose myself to anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric during services?
  • (How) do I speak up when I see acts of violence and oppression?

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