Like so many others, I have a real talent for fiddling around with productivity products more than I am able to benefit from them. I’ve cancelled my Omnifocus subscription thrice this year. I’ve been contemplating going full-paper. I bought three sets of Moleskine pocket cahiers last month. I bought composition notebooks on Amazon last Tuesday. Heck, I bought new ones today when I the ones from Tuesday came in the mail and I didn’t like them.

Through painstaking trial, error, money, and what is amounting so be years of my life, I’m learning that, at the end of the day, what seems to work best for managing my life is Omnifocus. I’ll maintain this as a living document of sorts. A collection of practices that are best for me.

Things I’m loving at the moment

  • The @agenda tag and its children (named for colleagues, teams, friends, and family members) is proving super useful. Every morning during my stand-ups, I pull up its perspective, and fire off questions like it’s nobody’s business.
  • The defer feature