How I work

This page exists so that I can document (mostly for myself) what's working about the way I choose to conduct my work.

Some background: I work fulltime and mostly-remotely for a tech company in a job that's a mix of project management, design, research, strategy, and leadership. It involves a fair amount of context switching, and requires that I am available for spontaneous calls with team members. At the time of writing, mid-October 2021, I'm doing my best work when I:

  • Rigorously time-block my work
  • Honor a block of deep work in the morning
  • Meditate in the morning
  • Write at the end of my workday


For all my task, project, and calendar management I use ClickUp. It’s a nice task management tool for people like myself who treat projects as contexts. For a long time I’ve used the GTD concept of the context to refer to an environment that was required to complete a certain task. I would group all tasks that required the same environment under a context tag in OmniFocus, and work the various context lists I would amass. No matter what context setup I would choose, I would always end up doing a whole lot of busywork outside of the frame of reference that I really needed: my project. These days I use ClickUp because it allows me to do two things:

  1. Plan with the planning views that I need
  2. Complete tasks within the context of my project
Okay good talk