Heardle is a browser-based Music game the setup of which was derived from the immensely popular game [[ Wordle ]]. Every day, Heardle allots the user six attempts to guess a song. It starts out as a short fragment, and seconds are added with each missed guess. After six guesses, the full song will play.

The tagline of Heardle should be: โ€œwow, though, music, huh?โ€ I was introduced to Heardle by Anja, who got it from The Roxane Gay Agenda. Iโ€™ve been playing Heardle since the day I met it. I currently hold a 75% success rate. Iโ€™m not strong on pop music from the past five years.

Heardle isnโ€™t so much a game as it is an ode to music. Not music that has been produced, but the very concept: that there are sequences of sound that are so familiar to us that we recognize them even if the sound lasts a second.