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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, I've got answers

Last tended on Sep 11, 2021


I'm thinking of moving into UX. Can we chat?

Chances are, you made it to this website because your colleague or friend told you about me after you said that you're thinking of changing your career to UX. Good for you! I have thirteen years of experience in user experience design, research, and strategy, and I may be able to offer you some of the insights you need. Check my Mentoring page to see if I have any availability.

Can I interview you for my podcast?

Probably! I enjoy speaking about intersectionality, anti-racism, queer Christianity, and what it means to be a queer Afropean Catholic. Send me an email and I'll let you know if I have time.

Can you help me with my personal brand / logo / website?

No. While I enjoyed running my own design studio for seven years, my design efforts these days are geared towards tools that people use at work.