Digital garden

The latest trend in online publishing, a digital garden is a publicly available collection of notes in various stages of refinement, tended to and updated online for everyone to see. It sits snuggly in between a blog and a one-person wiki.

To me, itโ€™s the culmination of the folder plain text files Iโ€™ve been maintaining since around 2005, which exist in my second brain. The ones you can see here have been made available to the public. the vast majority of them are kept private for a myriad of reasons.

This space has been around since 2004, in a variety of shapes and under a lot of different names. It has been a blog, a photo blog, a portfolio, a directory, and a one-pager. Its first name was

What I like about this technique of organizing media is that it allows a practitioner to write (and therefore perhaps think) in a more molecular way. One oft-highlighted benefit of this is that, as time goes on, nodes might be shared across a number of ideas, making the practitioner aware of connections previously unacknowledged.