Inspired by both Buster Benson’s Codex and Elliott Cost’s Opinions I’m using this page to grow1 a record of things I believe.

Terms of use

If you’re Zinzy

Use this page as a reference point, to remind yourself of what life really is about to you.

If you’re someone else

Feel free to read and learn, and remember:

  • You are not Zinzy, you may disagree with her. That’s okay. Make your own codex!
  • These things may be subject to change.


Chapter: Philosophy

Beliefs, principles and political values that guide everything else in the codex.


Chapter: Self

  • I am an optimist
  • I make mistakes
  • I am ignorant and see only a very small fraction of reality from my own standpoint
  • My intuition will always be able to lead the way
  • My emotions are my responsibility (Gregology)
  • My beliefs and principles may change and that’s okay
  • My questions are relevant
  • I’m great at finding connections with others
  • At heart I’m at home in [[ Cultural relativism ]]


I’m privileged because:

  • I have no serious, untreatable physical disabilities
  • I love in North-Western Europe
  • I live in a with solid infrastructure, excellent health care, and good education opportunities
  • I feel safe and free presenting as queer with my partner
  • My partner and I are invested in our relationship
  • I have close friendships with White people who are fiercely antiracist

Chapter: Habits

  • [[ * Yin yoga trains the discomfort muscle ]]
  • Practice yin yoga to train your quietude muscle, and tolerance of discomfort
  • Wash your face every day, and moisturize properly.
  • Buy simple black t-shirts and wear one every day
  • Dress in calm tones, have one splash of style (glasses, weird socks)

Systems and tactics for getting the most out of your life.

  • Productivity
  • Emotional Health
  • Health
  • Cat Mode

Chapter: People


  • [[ * People try to do what they think will make the world a better place ]].
  • Strangers don’t often expect kindness. It can be a spark for a great friendship.
  • Everybody’s lives are infinitely complex, vulnerable, precious, and potential, just like yours



  • No person should be forced to carry on a relationship with family members.
  • [[ * Some people should be child-free. ]]
  • Sometimes, going no contact with a parent is the least damaging option.


Chapter: Culture


  • [[ * Connection is the fuel of life ]]
  • To learn about a group of people, look at the stories they tell themselves and others



  • History is told by the winner, and sometimes by the loudest

Politics and policies

  • No political system is flawless, some are worse than others
  • [[ * Change requires revolution and evolution ]]
  • Ones politics cannot be seen separatedly from ones character and conduct. Sometimes, it’s not possible to “engage with someone despite your different views”, because of the implications those views have

Chapter: Health

Chapter: Learning

  • [[ * Discomfort is where growth happens ]]

Chapter: Work & making




Chapter: Nitty Gritty

Important habits to take care of the details of life.

  • Clothes


  • Treat or split the tab. Don’t try to remember who owes who what.

Chapter: Influences and Recommendations

Best-of and other greats that you would return to and recommend to other people.

  • Food
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Documentaries
  • Quotes

Chapter: A Timeline of My Life

  • Annual Gratitude Lists
  • Named Years


  • Humans are a part of nature


Physical health, food, mental health, boundaries, traps, privileges, responsibilities, perceptions, principles


People, Relationships, Childhood, Society, Politics

  • White isn’t a color unless it’s a skin color
  • Seeing yourself in other people is crucial to developing a healthy sense of self


  • Diet culture is dangerous
  • Eating disorders are not about food

Doing things

Learning, making, sharing / publishing, productivity

  • It’s good to have one website as your central point of communication with the Internet



Media, history, influences & recommendations

  • Halloween is the best horror movie franchise, in the very first place because of the blatant disregard the films have for one another.
  • Seeing your experiences and standpoint reflected in media is crucial to developing a healthy sense of self


Christianity, Judaism, Taoism

  • The Bible is too complex to be taken literally

  • One notebook for everything
  • Carnations are the best flowers
  • Growing plants is more fun when the plants are small
  • People in their early- to mid-thirties should have access to Pokémon Red on a floppy disk, as well as a deviceon which to play it
  • Ironing is a calming activity
  • Neon candles are usually the most beautiful candles

Core beliefs.

  • Philosophy – These are your highest-order beliefs that guide all others.
  • Personal Productivity – The keys for you to function well.
  • Work – How to succeed in your career.
  • People – Who to surround yourself with and how to connect with them.
  • Relationships – How to be a partner, friend and parent.

Common topics.

  • Physical health – What keeps you physically healthy and how do you balance that with the demands of life.
  • Mental health – How to find balance, stability, satisfaction and maybe even happiness.
  • Money – How to get it, what to do with it, and how to feel about it.
  • Possessions – Which possessions are worth having, why and how do you use them?
  • Politics and policies – How do you land on specific political questions.
  • Traps to avoid – Common beliefs or situations that can and should be avoided.
  • Mysteries of the universe – Are their aliens? Are we in a simulation?
  • Influences – Articles, talks, videos, movies and music that move or inform you.

Further reading